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What is the Equifax Data Breach? 

In September 2017, Equifax, a U.S. Consumer Credit Reporting Agency, announced a cyber data breach incident estimated to affect 143 million consumers. Equifax has provided resources to help consumers determine if they are part of the data breach and resources outlining next steps for identity protection.

Bellwood CU continues to work to keep your accounts safe. We encourage you to continue reading to determine steps you can take to help protect yourself as well as learn more about what we are doing to help keep your identity safe.

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What can I do to protect my personal information?


What is Bellwood CU doing to help protect my personal information? 

Bellwood CU is committed to partnering with you to help keep your accounts safe from scams, data breaches, and other malicious attacks. The employees of Bellwood CU are trained to monitor your accounts for suspicious activity; however, you are the first line of defense for protecting your accounts. It is important you utilize the resources provided above to aid with ongoing protection. 

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your accounts, please do not hesitate to contact Bellwood CU as we are happy to help. We will also provide more information regarding the Equifax Data Breach as it be comes available and as we learn more about this scope of this Data Breach.